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May 28


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(Ugh... re-editing this one again since I'm no longer pissed off. Yanno what, those of you who said that it was wrong of me to bring politics into this, even if it was to point out that it was the Mainstream Media who cast the first stone by insisting Rodgers was of the political Right, well... choking a bit on the pride here, but you were correct. It was wrong of me. I don't ask forgiveness, but instead understanding. Understand why I became so outraged. Understand why I got so sick of these disturbed people who murder their neighbors being cast as Right Wingers until the truth is revealed that they're either apolitical or more Left-Leaning. So I won't go and chop up the journal anymore, allowing my fault to stand bare since I need the reminder that I'm not always right and I'm not always on-point. I apologize to those readers of mine that I offended by bringing politics into this.)

…and the world sighs. Except for the mainstream mediots who are wanking their privates to powder. Or at least they were, until it turned out that this one wasn’t a white Tea Bagger Christianist.

If you haven't heard of the story, you can find it here...

Just another entitled, effeminate mentula who didn’t get enough attention from daddy and, seeing as his loathsome self wasn’t getting enough attention from the girls either, decided to finally get some of the attention that the mainstream mediots happily bestow upon anybody who murders a passel of innocents.

The gun grabbers, including the libelous liar himself, [REDACTED], took to their keyboards and hammered out the usual drek (which might be difficult for them to do since he knifed three of his six victims, but that’s obviously the NRA’s fault too). Oh, and didn’t the verminous insect do this in yet another gun free zone? How could that happen? There were no guns there, right? What? You mean to say that your fascist gun grabbing “laws” don’t keep murderers from getting their hands on guns?

Knock ume over with a feather, why don’t you?

And even the [REDACTED] have tried to muscle in on the action, howling that his murder spree was further proof of the Rape Culture Inherent in the System or something.

Wait, you mean the celebrated youth culture with music that encourages murder, violence and sexual deviancy is baaaaad? Like... what Conservatives have been saying for years...?

But... but most of that is found in rap music, so these what these [REDACTED] are saying is pretty... well...

You know the word...

Needless to say, their claims are a bit… problematic as well. After all, three of his six victims were most definitely born with an outie rather than an innie. 50%. Obviously just collateral damage. The women are the REAL victims here!

And so the leftist brain trusts run around in circles trying to blame this on whatever group is the object of their insane, fascist hatred (Harry Reid will be blaming it on the Koch brothers soon, I'm sure) when the real reason is as plain as the blubber-laden jowls on [REDACTED] face.

The fools bring up their offspring to believe that they’re special little snowflakes who are both entitled to and deserving of all of the adulation, attention and sex they could ever desire and then, when they reach the age of majority, they encounter a world that sees things rather differently. A world that has its own concerns that don't revolve around pleasing the entitled little bundle of entitlement. (Or shriveled bundle, if we're talking the Baby Boomer generation. The entitlement mentality is not unique to any given generation, as I know plenty of young, hardworking people.)

And they react predictably, just like the overgrown brats that they are, their development having been arrested from the moment their addled parents made the decision to breastfeed them until they were 18: They reach out for fame the only way they know is absolutely guaranteed to have their names and pictures plastered all over the media for weeks, the media having just about made a direct promise to make them famous beyond their wildest imaginations if only they commit some atrocious act that will help them in the ratings.

There. Simple, isn’t it?

But we allowed this kind of mentality to breed among us, so the fault is really shared. Not a pleasant truth but, then again, the truth rarely is.

If you don’t do something about the termites, pretty soon they will eat your house, and it’s really not reasonable for you to come crying to anybody about it later if all you did was to sit and admire the darling critters, refusing to do what was necessary because that would be so mean, don’t you know?

Won’t get your house rebuilt, will it?

Oh, and no sense in beginning the rebuilding until you’ve had the exterminator over, if you get my drift.

You don't? Let me spell it out for you in case you're thinking of twisting my context...

I'm not talking about exterminating people. That's what we have genocidal leftist heroes like Margaret Sanger for. I'm talking about getting people to stop thinking that life's going to be a breeze as soon as everyone recognizes what a magnificent person they are.

See, the truth is that you must *earn* distinction. You must *earn* the admiration of your peers and it will *NOT* happen overnight. See, I'm not gonna point a finger at movies and say that they're to blame. A movie is compressed for the sake of storytelling convenience. So we see our raggedy hero go to fame and riches in the course of an hour. Our subconscious, being exposed to that, begins to believe that you're just one good idea or one interesting turn of events away from being immortalized.

If that sounds like I'm still blaming movies and such, then hold that thought a moment. If you internalize the inherent truth that what you're seeing on the big screen is fictional, or that it's a example of how someone can shoot to the stars, then you'll be fine. It's a matter of mental discipline.

That being said, life isn't always about fame. Or fortune, for that matter.

I have a friend, a magnificent man, who quietly makes the world a better place. Who gives of himself with no thought of reward. Who is, by any definition, a hero. He helped me build Spira in Lone Candle and he's presently life-coaching a group of misfits who fell and fell hard, but he's helping-no, saving them. He wishes to remain anonymous and I shall honor that desire, but know that people like that are out there.

And dear readers...

Here's the kicker...

He wasn't always that way. It's been a long journey for him.

The fact is, readers, that people can change.

You think your life is a disaster? You think there's nothing more?

He hit rock-bottom and tenaciously clawed his way back up.

And it's not fame that he's interested in. He knows that outside of family and his legacy of kindness and selflessness, there won't be many who remember him. But he does what he does anyway because it matters. Is it going to help all the downtrodden? No. But to those he helps, it means the world.

He is the man you see throwing beached starfish back out to the life-giving ocean after they are cast upon the dehydrating sand of the beach. There's thousands of starfish and he can't save them all, but to those starfish he does throw back to sea, he's their salvation.

Be like my friend, dear readers. Be kind to people.

Because if we all get down to that beach and throw starfish back, then we can make a real difference.

This shooter/stabber decided that the only way for him to be known would be to murder people. He decided that, because the world didn't immediately recognize him as a beautiful and unique snowflake, he was going to FORCE it to recognize.

And so he brought *death* to Santa Barbara. Part of the stretch of California I call my home.

If this is what a lack of humility does, then parents and future parents... for the sake of all that's good and holy, teach your children to be humble.

Because the world will surely humble them elsewise.

Exterminate the ego, readers. That is the lesson. Be humble and, to quote WYLD STALLIONS, be excellent to eachother.

That is all.

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joeisbadass Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
How did you come to the conclusion the shooter is a leftist?
Zucca-Xerfantes Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
The little snot enjoyed MSNBC, The Young Turks, badmouthed Right-Wing vids on YouTube and was the spawn of Hollywood elites.

That all doesn't sound like the 'right-wing survivalist teabagger NRA whore' the Left tried to paint him as. >_>
joeisbadass Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well do we actually know if he was even into politics at all? I mean, the article you have there doesn't say he was into any of those liberal channels, let alone conservative sources?
Zucca-Xerfantes Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Argue that if you want, but my original point is that it's hypocritical and unfair of the Left to constantly paint these psychos as Right-Wingers right from the get-go.
joeisbadass Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah but aren't you doing the same thing?
Zucca-Xerfantes Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yanno what, you're right. Next time they erroneously say that a shooter's a Right Winger when he's really not, I'll just pass the wrong message right the fuck along.

Because to point out that he in fact was more inclined to the Left than the Right just wouldn't be.... whatever.
joeisbadass Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm just saying. It makes sense for you to address that they may be wrong about this but by making it sound like left-wing politics had anything to do with it, you're really doing the exact same thing the liberals are doing with the guy. You're kind of falling to their level and I don't think that's what you want.
Zucca-Xerfantes Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
*Points to top of journal*
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ebturner Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Politics don't matter. Unless politics is the issue. This mass killer was mentally unstable. And to use this as just one more reason to attack the NRA (as his father did) or as the numerous media pundits did (attack gun rights) makes it a political issue. But to be sure - the killer did not do it for political motives (as far as I can tell). But in all likelihood, he was a liberal. And yes, that's just an assumption based on his probable upbringing. So shoot me for having an opinion. (Oops, sorry about that).

Mental health needs to be addressed.

PLACE THE BLAME WHERE IT BELONGS - ON THE PERSON WHO DID IT! Don't be like his idiot father and blaming everyone else. Take responsibility and man up.

</b>"We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions." - Ronald Reagan, 1968.</b>
Zucca-Xerfantes Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
For the last time...

... I am not placing the blame on the Left.

I am pissed that they placed the blame on the Right and so I snapped at that fact.
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