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... and this goes double for pirates.

Once again, I find that as a fellow gamer, I have to put myself into uncomfortable territory, like I did when I spoke about games and violence.

I've heard the arguments, the rationalizations, the lies you tell yourselves to assuage guilt.

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

'I'll buy it when I have the money!'

'It's EA, they're evil anyway!'

'Why should I have to pay for my entertainment?'

'They charge too much!'

Well guess what, boys and girls?

It's all on you.

You'll never 'have the money' for it, because you won't save up. Sure, the publisher is EA and we can all agree they are evil, but alas, what about the studio? The Biowares, the Eidoses, the Demiurges, the Barking Dogs? You just screwed the people who put their hard work into creating the game while thinking it was just EA you were screwing. Why should you have to pay? Because that's life and nature. You do work, that work becomes translated directly or indirectly into the things you need and want. They charge too much? You've got two options... Either save up or wait until the prices lower. Diablo 2 one went for sixty bucks. Now you can get D1 and D2 with the Prima guides and artbooks for both for twenty bucks.

Okay, that's the anti-piracy rant...

Now for the rest of you gamers.

You've been asking for new things, yeah? Innovation, creativity, breaking of the mold...

Complain all you please, but there's only one thing that matters to developers' marketers. It's the thing that allows them to CONTINUE to produce entertainment for you.

$$$ Money. $$$

Now, let's hold the 'money is EVUL!' nonsense for another day. These game companies are a business and a business needs profit to survive. There's no changing this.

But that's fine! They can still produce great works! We've seen it... Half-Life, Okami, Zelda Windwaker and so on.


That sequel stuff you're always complaining about?

It's because of you or someone you know.

We buy the stuff that doesn't break the mold more often than the innovative titles because it's in the comfort zone. We know we'll be entertained by it. It's a safe purchase.

That's understandable. That's fair.

But there comes a time when you need to knuckle down and reward innovation.

Do you know how to do that?

Buy those games. Take a chance and gamble a little.

Life without risk is pretty dull anyway, right? And if you don't like the game, don't return it, make a gift of it to a friend or give it to someone in need of a few smiles.

"But Zucca, you charming so and so, why not just send letters? It won't cost me anything!"

True, Random Internet Strawman, it won't cost you anything. But it won't gain you anything either.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The best way to communicate with the companies you want new and exciting things from...

... is to buy new and exciting things.

Because then, their data will reflect that and they'll be able to AFFORD to take risks of their own. Produce more artistic ventures like those games we KNOW deserve the money to back up the praise.

So try something new! Buy a copy of Okami, buy a Wii U, buy something that will send a clear message.

'We want more like this.'

Until then, these companies have to do what allows them to survive, because sales show their sequelpalooza and Call of Duty and Battlefield titles are all safe because YOU think it's safe and keep buying.

So live a little.

Take a little risk.

That is all.
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